Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass replacement

TeleGlass professionals perform thousands of safe auto glass replacements every year throughout the United States. In most cases, it’s the windshield that’s damaged, but we also preform a lot of side and rear auto glass replacements. Our service professionals use only factory-authorized auto glass from industry-approved sources.
Basic windshield replacement process for a damaged windshield:

  • Protective measures are taken to protect the vehicle's interior and hood.
  • The broken windshield is completely removed. The existing adhesive is then removed.
  • The pinchweld, where the windshield attaches to your vehicle, is inspected for any bare metal or paint and is primed to insure adherence of the adhesive.
  • A urethane adhesive is then applied to the vehicle frame.
  • The new windshield is firmly set in place and any removed parts and molding are reinstalled.
  • Your professional auto glass installer will inform you when your vehicle is safe to drive after the completion of the windshield replacement.

It is important to know that in today’s automobiles, the auto glass in your car is a structural safety component of your vehicle.  Auto manufacturers have looked to auto glass to improve overall aesthetics and design while maintaining the highest level of safety.  Auto glass today is often integral to the operation of your airbag deployment system.  In order for your airbags to operate effectively, windshield safety is a must. Your windshield must remain in place if your airbag deploys for the safety of all passengers.